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Theatre Games Ireland works with the Carnegie Arts Centre to bring Children’s Theatre to our local community. We offer drama and performance classes for ages 7+. We operate with the underlying principle that we are all here to have fun along with the opportunity to participate in theatrical arts while developing valuable life skills. ​Our games promote self-expression, critical thinking, creativity and teamwork.  It is a fun place to be where we offer a safe, structured and positive environment that builds self-confidence, social skills and leadership skills. ​You may learn many skills relevant to theatre, such as acting, script writing, story telling, set design, costume design and behind the scenes work along the way.  Then we take to the stage!

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Everyone has the ability to be a good actor. We all act everyday. Our human dimensions are limitless and our own character far more interesting than any we could portray on stage. The rules for acting are so similar to the rules for life. Therefore everyone has the capability to be "believable" on stage.

Humans so often experience different degrees of anxiety, because we are so pre-occupied with what others will think of us. Theatre Games shift our self-analysis to focus on our surroundings instead.

Whether we are connecting with a friend, communicating with a colleague, or consulting with an organization, putting our complete focus on the person(s) will always be more successful than focusing on ourselves. Accepting the information that is being sent our way and not trying to "control" what is not in our control, but instead finding a way to adapt to the situation as it comes is a very important lesson in communication, not only on stage but in everyday life. This is a constant practice in Theatre Games. Utilizing games and

improvisation, we put these skills into practice.


These games develop our problem-solving skills and team work skills. They teach us chivalry and patience. They build our self-confidence and leadership skills.

And Theatre Games are fun!!! You can always expect that there will be silliness and laughter through most of the games that are played. Often when you would least expect anything to be funny.

Frequently Asked Questions

​​1. When do you run classes?

Our children's theatre group operates during the school term typically every Wednesday afternoon.

2. How long is each term and how many classes are there per term?

There are 10 one hour sessions per term. Sessions generally run on an approximate 10 Week Term and each class meets once per week. (Please note: classes may run more than one day per week closer to performance time.)


3. How much does the class cost?

The Cost per child is €75.00 per Term. (Fees for renewal are due the last class of each term and are non-refundable and non-transferable.)


4. Will there be an additional cost to be in a play at the Carnegie Arts Centre?

We will put on Productions, Plays, Skits, etc. throughout the year, and there will be no additional cost. Your registration fee includes both cost of the classes and production fees.

5. Where do you run classes and productions?

Theatre Games are generally run at the Carnegie Arts Centre, Shelbourne St. Kenmare, Co Kerry.

6. How do I find out when classes and productions are running?

You can view our website calendar to get specific information on times and dates for classes, rehearsals, productions etc.

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